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Therapists safely stretch out body tension, increase blood flow and relieve built-up stress. 

Benefits of Assisted Stretching:

  1. Increases Range of Motion

  2. Reduces Stiffness

  3. Reduces Stress

  4. Increases Flexibility

  5. Improves Physical Performance

Assisted Stretch is Great For:

  • Arthritis

  • Athletes of All Kinds

  • Backpain

  • Knee & Shoulder Replacements

  • People with  a Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Repairing Scar Tissue

Stretching is a critical part of any fitness program and improves overall health and wellness. Diet, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility are the four components of health. Don't skip the stretching!


  • Assisted Pro Stretch sessions are private 1 on  1 therapy sessions.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring a fresh pair of socks, as you will remain fully clothed  for your stretch session.

  • Please arrive  at the spa wearing a mask.



Private Yoga sessions are for people who are:

  • Trying Yoga for the first time

  • Need help creating a structure for personal practice

  • Prefer a greater level of guidance or more personalized experience

  • Prefer individual attention to alignment and breathing

  • Want to learn about philosophy, relaxation or meditation

  • Interested in focusing on a particular pose or group of poses

  • Looking to learn how to modify poses for your body or work more skillfully with (non-acute) injury

  • Are busy and just want to set your own class times



Private Yoga sessions are available for Individuals & Couples

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring a fresh pair of socks.

  • Please arrive  at the spa wearing a mask.


Nessie's Sessions


"My goal is to find the problem

and FIX IT! I often get results in the 1st session, especially for people who feel that they are “broken”.   I enjoy helping people reach their goals and getting them back to a better quality of life.  CORRECT & REGAIN!  "  - Nessie Johnson

My Specialties 

  • Getting results in the 1st Assisted Stretch session, especially for people who feel that they are “broken”. 

  • Helping people learn how to connect with their body & mind during a Private Yoga session.

My Passions

  • Helping people reach their health goals to get back to a better quality of life.

  • Getting athletes to the next level with Assisted Stretching and Nutrition.

My Credentials 



(5 years) – 1500 hours of Assisted Stretching using PNF and my official release as part of my stretching techniques.

Yoga instructor

(10 years) – Over 20,000 hours of Yoga instruction.

Certified Sports Nutritionist 

Individualized nutrition coaching.


Client Love

Regardless of your age (I am a proud SENIOR), I would recommend you book a stretching session with Nessie. She is amazing and so are the results! Thomas, my massage therapist, who is incredible, encouraged me to book a session with Nessie as he felt I would benefit from her expertise. OMG....was he right. I had been experiencing hip pain and was concerned I might be having bone deterioration. She identified the root cause of my problem, extremely tight muscles in my hip flexers and buttocks. She focused on that area for my first two sessions and I noticed the difference almost immediately. I see her regularly now and recognize the damage lack of flexibility has on all parts of our body. I strongly recommend her services.

-Bonnie Sullivan

Kayla, was incredibly knowledgeable with recommending products that would work best for my specific skin type. Went to see her two weeks ago and I am noticing my skin has a radiant glow and I said goodbye to blackheads on my nose!!! Loving the results!!!!! Can’t wait for more facials to come. Yes, to self-love!!!! - Nick

This place is amazing and my esthetician Kayla was even better!! Left feeling refreshed, revived, and not to mention left with great skin 🙃 - Kiah Spencer 

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